Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cee's Fun Foto challenge: Wood

Wood/Spring: Wind, Moisture, Air, Minerals, Ink, Mind, Rubber, Paper, Plants, Poison, Wax, Dissolve, Carbon, Clouds, Health, Space... all part of the challenge this week.

Well, I've been hibernating for a whole week now, so I had a look at my stash of photos and came up with these shots:

Salgados beach, Algarve
Boardwalk to Salgados beach and spring flowers on the dunes.

Old tree stump
I wonder what the original tree looked like.

Old tree stump
Same tree trunk/stump, different angle, different month.

Boardwalk at Alvor beach under a a pale-blue sky full of fluffy clouds.

You will find many more interpretations at Cee's.

Thank you for stopping by!

9th November 2013 - updated Cee's link.


  1. I like these tree trunks. The Boardwalk is beautiful!

  2. These are all cool but the last with those dogs...awesome

    1. Thanks, Jo.
      I really need to take the dogs out more, otherwise my goal of losing weight is going to fly out the window.


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