Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Murphy's Law?

 Warning! This is a rant. I'll forgive you if you don't read the rest of this post. 
Bad dog
Stress out mama by biting the smallest? Me?
I think this phase began in early January.
The car lets me down in an underground car park at the shopping centre, spilling diesel.
It's an inconvenience, but it's quickly towed  and fixed.

Headaches during the long Carnival weekend put paid to any outings or gardening.

The car lets me down on the way to lunch with a friend.
It's towed and fixed, taking more than a month's salary! Yikes! My insurance gets me a replacement car.

The builder finally finishes the new roof on the back patio. Took him 2 months! He might have to wait another 2 until I have enough money to pay him...

I discover my blood pressure is high. I feel exhausted and headachy all the time.

The car lets me down, again. That doesn't help my blood pressure, plus I get a bad cough from standing in the sun waiting for the tow truck.
I miss 2 lessons and go home to take a sedative. 
An hour later they tell me the car is "fixed".
I drive out for the last lesson of the same day and guess what? When I try to drive home, it won't start! I call the mechanic, he comes out, fiddles around a bit, takes me home and then gets the car to the garage. Next day he tells me the car is fixed. I don't really believe him. I'm scared to drive it away. I tell him to test it for another day while I go on strike.

At the weekend, I don't take the dogs to dog school because I'm scared the car will break down in the sticks.

I can't get enough sleep because my coughing keeps me awake.

My big dog bites my small dog, again! I also get a tiny hole in my arm separating them. Both bites seem to be heeling.

It's time to do my Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post, I take some pictures of my neglected garden, but cannot write the post.

I have tons of work to do and the boss (Ministry of Education) decides I need 2 days of training plus a placement test (Yes, I have to do a placement test!) to give the students the PET test. I feel insulted! Along with all my colleagues who have to do this.

I will have to give up my free day (free to keep up with school paperwork, that is) plus a day of lessons in which I had important things to do with the students to go to this training session. Oh, and I need to take earphones for my listening test! But I'm allergic to earphones!

April and May will be great fun, running around to other schools when the kids have to do the oral part of the exam and then correcting their written tests. What fun! I'll get to meet so many different colleagues and students! I wonder if my car will get me around the Algarve. All this while teaching my own classes and keeping up with my paperwork. Oh, and we don't get paid for the extra hours we'll be putting in.

I sure hope this phase ends soon!

The car has worked OK for 3 days now. I don't know if this will continue.

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