Sunday, January 17, 2016

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - January 2016

In November and December it rained on and off, sometimes very hard, though never as much as on the first of November, when we had flash floods in the Algarve. As a result, my back patio is covered in green, slippery moss and the front garden is very green. There are lots of weeds but very few blooms. 

If I let it, this lobster plant will take over the space left by the lavender that was removed last month.
lobster plant

tired lavender

This lavender needs cutting back or I might lose it completely, too.


This lavender is growing through the fence. It is the longest surviving lavender in my garden.


The rosemary is also brightening up the area by the gate.

And here is that plant that keeps giving (Christina asked, but I can't remember its name, sorry).

There are still some roses.

red rose

pink-centred white rose

ice rose

The twigs may give you an idea of the amount of work to be done asap.

Actually, as I end this post, I realise that my photos contradict my initial statement about there not being many blooms this month.

I am joining May Dreams Gardens late as has become my habit lately. If you haven't been there, have a look now.

See you next month!


Sunday, January 10, 2016


... I could sit here more often.
perfect place for tranquility

Can you guess where "here" is?

Is it too late to wish everyone a Happy 2016? Make the best of what comes your way.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Nativity scenes are very popular in Portugal and this year the little town of Guia, famous for its chicken piri-piri restaurants, has a very interesting one that invites you to walk along its narrow streets between two churches.

The annunciation
You start here, then cross the  road and walk along...

And, to the left and further up you find the second church.

 If you like churches, you may like to visit my Portuguese blog, where I'm going to start a Sunday post featuring churches from different parts of the country.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - December 2015

After some serious hassles when my free Windows 10 update from Windows 7 malfunctioned, I'm finally back to blogging.

This is how my garden looked mid-December.
my garden viewed from my gate
I have been careful not to show you the grass. Fortunately, the gardener has been round with his lawnmower, so it's looking OK now. I asked him to cut back my damaged lavender but, to my dismay, it had to go completely as the old woody core was rotting. I guess all good things have to end at some point...
last of the roses
Next time the gardener comes, he'll be pruning the roses, cutting back the other lavenders and moving some plants. I'm afraid that I no longer have the time or the energy. 
This is just one of the plants that needs to move, at least into a bigger pot.

This is is all I have time for. 
See you all in the New Year for more gardening updates from my small Algarve garden.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - November 2015

Welcome to my Algarve garden. I don't have much in the way of blooms after a few weeks of unusually wet weather for early November.
november flowering bulbs
I have a few of these scattered around the garden.
pretty ground cover
This ground cover is happy after all the rain.
red hibiscus
 My red hibiscus is still blooming but it's got weeds for company.
This lavender is still pretty but parts of it are very woody. The other one is overdue for a major cut back, either as soon as I have time or when my friendly gardener comes in to paint my gates.
good bush for USDA 10a
And last but not least, a bush that flowers almost all year round.

I can hardly believe that a month has gone by. There has been so much work to do for school that one day just seems to merge into the next and the weekends haven't been enough for me to catch up.  

And on the subject of weekends,  on the 1st of November it rained so hard for a few hours that there was a flash flood in my back patio and the water was just millimetres from invading my ground floor when, fortunately, one of my neighbours managed to divert the course of the water - making it cross my carport and leave through the front gates! Downtown Albufeira suffered terrible water damage that day.

I have no idea if I'll have any blooms next month, but you never know.
And there are always blooms in the gardens featured on May Dreams Gardens. They are definitely worth a visit.

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