Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - March 2016


What can I say about February? 
There were a lot of grey, wet and windy days and on the days it was sunny I was either too busy or unwell.
The garden looked terribly neglected. 
I couldn't bring myself to write a post.
The only blooms then were these hibiscus and that shrub whose name I can't remember.
red hibiscus

yellow hibiscus

all-year-round blooms

March has been very windy so far but spring is definitely in the air. Today I finally ventured into the garden for a little clean-up. There are a few bald spots where the lavender and rosemary were cut back or died but come April they will be all patched up.

This grows wild in the countryside and is also now blooming in one of my containers while I decide the best place for it in the garden.

blooming lobster plant

A little blue from my lobster plant in an otherwise patchy bed.

Last year I had to divide and repot my cymbidium orchids. I was worried that some might die or at least not flower for ages and although I did lose some I still have enough blooms to satisfy me. I even managed to get some baby plants from the back bulbs. One thing I learned from that is that it takes a whole lot of patience - it has taken almost a year for some to sprout!


Cymbidium - large blooms

Hopefully next month I will have the garden in better shape. In the meantime I'll be looking for inspiration at May Dreams Gardens where Bloom Day posts take us all over the world.

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