Sunday, February 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - February 2015

Welcome! I'm linking to May Dreams Gardens again for another Bloom Day.

Unless I blinked at the wrong time and missed it, the sun did not come out today. It was a grey and somewhat cold day by local standards. It's nothing remotely comparable to the current weather on the east coast of the USA, but here too my Algarve garden is still in winter mode. Weeds are everywhere and the grass is looking bad.

Orange is the brightest colour as there are oranges on the tree and others on the grass, when the wind blows them down. Flowers are not plentiful. The yellow orchids have not done well this year. 
scrawny yellow orchids
The other orchids look better but they are not quite ready to bloom.
Orchids promising to bloom soon

Lavender and rosemary still blooming
It seems to me that I have to rethink my planting if I want to have a reasonable amount of blooms all over my front garden all year round. It's time to plant lavenders and rosemary along the side wall too, where I have some bare patches at the moment. By the gate I don't have that problem. It's looking good.
feathery lavender
This feathery lavender is the only plant making the rose bed colourful now.

Winter-flowering succulent
Succulents that flower in the cold weather like this one are another kind of plant that I will concentrate on, but they require regular patrols of the snail and slug police.

lobster plant in bloom
Finally, this lobster plant will not be banished to containers on the back patio anymore. It does tend to spread madly but when that happens I'll just pull out the excess, which is not difficult.

So, there you have it - I have formulated a plan. As soon as it's warm enough for me, I'm making some changes. 

I am looking forward to showing you some new (to my garden) tulips and freesias next Bloom Day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Three years ago...

I started this blog!

To mark the occasion I leave you with a photo that has absolutely nothing to do with the title of my blog, but it's of a place I love to visit. It's called Torreira and it's on the Aveiro Lagoon.

Aveiro Lagoon

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