Friday, May 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - May 2015

It's a very hot May in my part of the world.
view from the gate
Hi, there! Come in, come in!
As you come through the gate, you are greeted by scent and blooms today.
 A few steps further in... I like the colour combination which I have to confess I didn't plan. This is the bed I created after removing some grass. The geraniums (or are these pelargoniums?) are from cuttings I just plonked in empty spaces to take root. The red roses were a gift and I had nowhere else to put them. Now these plants all look great together, don't they? It's getting a bit overcrowded, though, so changes need to be made. However, I can't bear to go in right now for fear of spoiling the effect.

Scented lilies
Nearer the house, the lilies are in bloom, all at once! They won't last long in the heat, which is a pity. 

And then we have the roses...

Although I am gradually trying to reduce the amount of water required to keep my garden happy by introducing plants that do well in the long, dry summer, I cannot see myself giving up my roses.

May has to be one of my favourite months of the year in the garden. It's when suddenly everything seems to come together and there is an explosion of colour everywhere.

Now why don't you join me as I travel to May Dream's Gardens, where garden bloggers meet and share their gardens.

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