Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - Dec. 2014

Here are some of the photos I took on the 15th. This is how my garden is looking in December. After a very wet November, the grass looked straggly. Sometimes you just have to let the professionals take over. I saw the gardener working across the road and invited him to come over and do his stuff. 

lavender and red roses
He cut back the creeping rosemary quite drastically and some lavenders too but I asked him not to touch this one.
red roses and lavender
If I'd had time, I'd have deadheaded all the roses and maybe I would have more looking like this...
pretty unusual rose
... or like this....
The aloe arborescens has flowered!
aloe arborescens

My enormous orange tree has lots of sweet, juicy oranges.
orange tree in background
My first orchids of the season.
orchids from Madeira

My other orchids were under the orange tree, which isn't the best place to be when oranges start falling to the ground. Well, trying to move them to the verandah, I managed to break two of their fragile stems - the oranges didn't get them but I unfortunately did. Clumsy!

And that's all from my Algarve garden. Merry Christmas!

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