Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Place to Relax

The resort town of Vilamoura has a long garden in the middle of the main avenue. This is the shady part by a fast food restaurant that shall remain nameless.
It is a lovely place to jog, cycle, walk the dog (on a lead) or just stroll and relax.
You can hear the cars going by but there is also birdsong and the chatter of people enjoying themselves.

This post is part of Jake's Sunday post challenge. I hope you had a relaxing weekend.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - March 2014

 Highly scented jasmine
Welcome to my garden again. I took these photos yesterday. The jasmine has finally opened its flowers and its scent is overpowering, specially in the evening. It usually blooms around my birthday in February but this time it was late.

The weather was really wet, cold and windy until a few days ago and the garden looked terrible. My lawn looked like this.
Common yellow oxalis - a pest
 Now it looks like this.
Damaged lawn
The green bit is where the dogs kept the weeds under control by walking over to the fence. I just wish that they had decided to walk over the rest of my grass!
My star lavender is looking like this, which means I have to move two small rose bushes that are now completely overshadowed.
Around other rose bushes the lotus is beginning to flower. I planted the lotus for ground cover although I am not yet sure it was the best choice.
Succulent in bloom
These succulents have never looked so good. Unfortunately the snails also adore them.
The red hibiscus already has blooms but they are smaller than usual.
Yellow orchid
Here are the last of the yellow orchids. I'm surprised the flowers have lasted so long. Now it's the turn of the red ones.
Wine-coloured orchid
The pink orchid may bloom for next month's post.

And now for the new additions - The freesias I bought last year have presented me with white, yellow, red and wine-coloured blooms but I need more bulbs for more effect.
I love these daffodils. They were on sale (having finished blooming) by the check-out at a garden centre and I couldn't resist. When the time came I potted the bulbs and a few days later my new dog decided to unpot them. When I rescued them (I shudder to think what would have happened to Pandora if she had decided to chew them), I wasn't sure they would take kindly to so much commotion, but here they are. And they are scented! I'm so glad I bought them.
Scented daffodils
Just last month I bought this.
Now that spring has arrived, I must find time to finish some of my garden projects.

Now I'm off to link to May Dreams Gardens and to see what is happening in other gardens around the world.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Gypsies on the old Portimão bridge


Traditiional Algarve transport

If you were looking for something with four wheels, you could have a look at my previous Sunday post and check out a vintage motor home.

Have a pleasant week!

Sunday, March 2, 2014


vintage motor home
Unique motor home

In winter we are used to seeing many motor homes from other countries in the Algarve. Some are big, some are small and most are white and modern. But when I saw this one yesterday, I immediately thought it would be perfect for Jake's Sunday post challenge: UNIQUE.

I fell in love with the details on the back of the vehicle. Isn't it incredibly cute?!
Vintage motor home

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