Friday, March 1, 2013


This is the theme for Jake's most recent Sunday Post challenge.

Flat lands have been rather neglected by me and my camera because I have, until now, found hills and mountains more appealing. However, I live on the coastal plains of southern Portugal, so I went out and took some new shots this week. Citrus trees, carob trees, olive trees and almond trees do well here. 
Young orange grove - Algarve
Oranges and lemons ...
Fertile Silves - Algarve
Fertile lands between Silves and Messines
Pera grazing field - Algarve
Grazing - there is a flock of sheep just visible in the distance
Blossoming Almond trees - Algarve
Almonds trees in a line

Never-ending expanses of grazing land can be found further north in the Alentejo region. On one of my future car trips to the north I must get off the motorway and take more photos of this beautiful landscape.

Cattle grazing in Alentejo plains
Cattle grazing in the vast fields of the Alentejo

To find plains from other parts of the world, visit Jake's.


  1. Every year I look enviously at all the almond trees and wish I could grow them in my garden.

    Great pictures and intepretation of the theme :)

  2. Thank you. Do you have the space? If you can grow a peach tree, an almond tree will grow there, too - they're related. I "have one" in the back neighbour's yard just behind my back wall.


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