Sunday, November 18, 2012


For this theme I have chosen examples from different regions of Portugal.

From north to south...

In Arouca, granite is a common building material.
Granite-walled house in Arouca
Traditional house in Arouca, district of Aveiro
Stately house in Arouca
Granite again - Arouca

In the fishing town of Torreira, stripes and colour are traditional.
Ria de Aveiro house
Fishing village of Torreira, district of Aveiro

In the posh town of Praia da Granja, these pretty houses are set amongst ornate mansions of the early 20th century.
Early 20th century houses
Some of the smaller houses of Praia de Granja

And in the Algarve, ceramic tiles and ornate trimmings are common in older houses. 
Tiled Algarve house
Tiled house in Castro Marim
Ornate trimmings, Algoz

Which do you prefer?

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  1. Excellent post Mara for this week theme ,Beautiful architecture photography thanks for sharing my friend :)

    1. Thanks Jake, anything to do with architecture is a love of mine.

  2. I suppose I should be loyal to the Algarve, Mara. I would've loved to visit Aveiro on my recent trip to Porto, but there just wasn't enough time.
    I'll definitely go next time I make it up north.

    1. It's different to Porto but you will also love Aveiro and the surrounding area.

  3. I loved the tiled facades we saw in Lisbon - so different to what I had seen before and such colour and design.

    1. Thank you for dropping by. We have tiled facades for every taste. I love them.

  4. I like the house in the fourth picture - quietly elegant :)

    1. I agree. I could have posted photos of the mansions but there is something special about this one.


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