Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cee's fun foto challenge: Earth

This is the last week for our Chinese 5 element challenges:

Earth/Harvest: Clay, Rock, Dust, Sand, Mud, Crystal, Powder, Shadow, Space, Darkness, Gravity, Bone, Silicon

Black Rock, Praia da Luz Beach
Black Rock at Praia da Luz Beach
Galé Beach, "rocky window"
Rocky "window to the sea" at Galé Beach
Low tide at Galé beach exposes more sand and interesting rocks.

Parched earth
Parched earth, before the rains came.
Typical "calçada" pavement and one of the many stone carvings by the Arade River, Portimão.

As I am still more or less hibernating and my camera batteries, which are rechargeable, keep dying on me at the most inconvenient moments, I have given up on trying to add to this short selection of photos.

Visit Cee's for many more entries

7th November 2013 - updated Cee's link.


  1. Hi Mara, what does 'calcada' mean? I noticed the term because the Pilipino/Tagalog word for 'street' is 'kalsada' and I thought it's of Malay origin. It was Magellan who 'discovered' the Philippines and now I'm wondering if our word for 'street' is actually Portuguese in origin. :)

  2. If you're patient I'll do a post on this form of Portuguese paving, which can be very decorative.

  3. Wonderful photos for this challenge. I really like your second photo!!! Thanks for playing along!

    1. Thank you, Cee. Lots of people have their photos taken at that rocky "window to the sea".

  4. Oh, Portimao and oh Portuguese calcadas! No wonder this is where the word "saudade" was invented. Missing Portugal's sky, spaces, smells every day. Lovely pictures.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. You obviously speak from personal knowledge.

  5. The earth is amazing...I wish more felt that way and protected it. Nice shots.


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