Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All meshed up!

 I guess little birds loved this beautiful chimney, too.
Algoz, Central Algarve

Chicken mesh is very useful to keep out small birds and other critters. 

Don't get me wrong, I love birds, I just don't like them waking me up in the morning before I'm ready to get up or making a nest inside the extractor fan duct. 

When the extractor fan stopped working I had a hard time cleaning it out and the solution was - chicken mesh. 

I think I've also solved the problem of the early bird stopping by my bedroom window.

I promise no animals were harmed!

Can you guess how I did it?


  1. If that is your chimney pot it's amazing!

    Did you climb up and wrap the chicken wire around it? I think we will need to mesh our chimney over our hob. I was cooking yesterday when I saw something fall onto my hob. On closer inspection it was a bird's poop! Lucky all the pans were covered LOL :)

    I think if I wanted to scare birds away I would make something that blowes in the breeze so there is movement. Am I close?

  2. So many questions!

    Jo, I'll let you ponder on Carole's reply. Carole, you are definitely on the right track!

    A clue: It's a very simple trick my neighbour suggested last year but it isn't very pretty, which is why I didn't use it then.

    This chimney pot is not mine. Mine is a very common type and I haven't posted a picture of it yet. What happened to you, Carole, has happened to me in my parents' house up north. lol. Believe me, chicken mesh is our friend!

  3. Sorry for the delay in replying. Bogged down with end-of-term paperwork.

    Putting chicken mesh around a chimney pot is relatively simple if you're not afraid of heights, like me. That way the chimney still works.

    My birdie friends now stop over on the trees a few more metres away from my window because I have some plastic shopping bags hanging on the balcony above my window. It's not facade enhancing but it works.

    If anyone can suggest a better-looking solution, I'll be all ears.

  4. For anyone who isn't familiar with the terms "chicken mesh", it's the wire netting used to make chicken enclosures:


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