Saturday, February 25, 2012

C is for Chimneys, Algarve style

Ever since I moved to the Algarve, I have been fascinated by its architecture, which is quite different from that of northern Portugal. 

I love the predominant colour - white, the facades of the older buildings and, above all, the huge variety of ornate chimneys.

Lately I have been taking my camera on my walks. I get some odd looks from the locals but so far nobody has called the GNR!

Only one old lady spoke out when I was pointing my camera at her neighbour's rooftop. And she invited me to take a picture of her orange tree! She thought it would be more interesting than the roof! When I gracefully declined and explained that I was only interested in the chimney, she just laughed. 
Would you really prefer a photo of an orange tree here?
Only on two occasions have I felt the need to ask people whether they minded if I took a photo of their chimney. "Of course not!" was the answer on both occasions.

Still in working order!
  The owner of this one told me where I could find a very unusual one down the road. I'm so glad I acted on her info.
This is very rare!

The other, an elderly lady, told me proudly that her chimney had been built in her grandparents' time, before she was even born.

Circa 1900

Chimneys everywhere are built to serve a practical purpose but around here they are a status symbol, too. 

Passers-by take note - 2 ornate chimneys = very rich person's house


  1. Hi,
    I am fascinated by chimneys and have also been taking photographs!
    Did not know about the two chimneys though!
    (PS you need to make your copyrught notice on your pics a little larger)

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the advice. Have acted on it and updated the post.
    Look forward to seeing your photos.


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