Friday, April 11, 2014

Praia da Luz beach

Praia da Luz beach, Algarve
This picture was taken in July last year. The winter weather took its toll on the cliffs so very recently bulldozers were brought in to push the unsafe part of the cliff down to the sea to prevent possible accidents.

The beach was looking like this a week ago.
Praia de Luz beach with reduced cliff
 As soon as the temperatures begin to rise, this beach resort in the Western Algarve will be full of tourists again.

 Some may come to take part in the Triathlon on the 26th of this month.


  1. These photos give me the urge to go on holiday, walk on the beach to feel the sand and the sea. It's been a couple of decades since I have been on a beach.

  2. Hopefully I will be able to visit the Algarve for a couple of days when we visit Portugal in June. Lovely photos Mara.


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