Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - April 2014

Lavender, geranium and rosemary
Welcome again to my Algarve garden (hardiness zone 10a). I was hoping it would be looking better by now and that some projects I started in autumn would be completed but it's been a funny few months weather wise. 

We've had a windy winter and an unstable spring with heavy downpours recently. This kind of weather makes me ill, so gardening is out of the question. The bit of grass I smothered with cardboard (behind the lavender in the picture above) in autumn has hopefully rotted but it will be a lot of work before it becomes an interesting border. The lavender has grown more than I had anticipated so I also need to move some plants asap but I can't until the grass is gone!
Roses and lotus
 The roses are starting to flower. However, my gardener friend had to start spraying the bushes because the ones by the front wall are being attacked by small orange bugs that would eventually destroy them, apparently.We can't let that  happen!
The other day I realised the veranda was looking very colourful. It's a pity I haven't had much time to sit there and appreciate the view.
Cymbidium, lantana, rosemary, santolina...
The reddish pink cymbidium has now been joined by the paler pink cymbidium behind it.

Next month I hope to have large white lilies and lots of roses. See you then.

Thank you again to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this blog hop.


  1. All those blooms in the veranda are wonderful. Last weekend I also covered part of my grassed area with newspaper and then a weed mat, so hopefully in a few weeks the grass will die off, but in our case it's to build a deck. Hope it works!

  2. Your patio looks lovely, Mara. :) I don't know the Cymbidium but it looks a little 'orchidy' .

  3. I love the roses...so nice to see roses already!


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