Saturday, January 11, 2014

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - Dec. 2013 - long overdue!

Foliage adding interest
There were very few blooms to photograph on the 15th of December, but the foliage at the gate looked quite interesting. There were some pale blue flowers on the creeping rosemary.

December was a difficult month for me. It was cold, wet and windy and I had a virus and then a bad, persistent cough. I couldn't do anything in the garden. The grass was looking bad and the beds were full of weeds, common yellow oxalis mainly. Fortunately, I had some help from a gardener who came on the 14th to cut the grass and remove some weeds. I was so relieved! Finally I could relax knowing that the garden would no longer look abandoned at Christmas.

There were some roses and lavender.

Again, a rose and lavender.  Lavender was, in fact, my favourite plant of 2013. It just keeps on blooming.

Aloe in bloom
If I had a big garden, this aloe would be in the ground and I'd allow it to spread. As it is, I can count on one glorious bloom a year.

Madeira orchid

A few years ago a friend and colleague who was teaching music on the Island of Madeira brought me three plants. The only one that survived was this orchid. But it wouldn't flower! Now, finally, it has! Why only now? I have no idea!

In a few days it will be time for another GBBD post. Until then, I'm sure you'll find a way to enjoy your garden.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog so often. We could use some roses and lavender about now!

    1. No need to thank me. I viist your blog because I enjoy your posts. Thank you for popping in.

    2. Do you really have Lavender now?!! The Algave must be much warmer than central Italy, or do I have it wrong and you're in Africa now? Thank you for visiting my blog so often I hope you enjoy it.

    3. Yes, I have 4 different lavenders still in bloom, although one isn't looking its best and needs cutting back. Tomorrow I'll take photos for the January GBBD post. I don't know about temps. by you but if you click on my weather link (in the right sidebar) you'll see what the weather is like in my part of the Algarve.
      Thank you for visiting.


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