Thursday, August 30, 2012

You can't have your cake, and eat it!

Well, you can eat your cake, but consequences will follow in the form of weight gain. The summer holidays are almost over (sheds a few tears) and the scales have given me the bad news - I've put on weight! I still fit into my clothes, so it isn't too serious, but it is something to be addressed immediately. (Sigh...)

It was inevitable as I have an addiction to sweet foods, and instead of controlling my cravings, I gave in to them. 

I do have a few excuses:
  • When in a different region of the country, you should always try the typical foods and cakes (for educational purposes, of course).
  • When invited to meals by family or friends, it's impolite to refuse to eat anything they put in front of you. (My cousin is a really good cook and always has loads of puddings and other sweets ready for dessert.)
  • A holiday is when you don't follow strict routines and timetables (so you can eat what you like, when you want).
  • A summer without ice-cream isn't a good summer. (You agree, don't you?)
Do I realise my excuses are lame? Yes, of course I do.

To make matters worse, I had a very tiring end-of-school-year and felt the need to do absolutely nothing  for a few days. That included not going for regular walks. My excuse? I was tired and it was too hot!

How to resolve the problems of those extra kilos now? Get back into a healthy routine:
  • Clear out the sugary foods from the house. 
  • Buy only healthy foods.
  • Cook healthy meals.
  • Always have a low-calorie, healthy alternative available for when the sugar cravings attack.
  • Start going for regular walks (and spend less time on the laptop).

I still have 4 days before I go back to work (yay!) but I have already started working on those extra kilos.

Wish me luck!


  1. Our warm Spring weather has finally arrived but not surprisingly my Spring outfits are much tighter than what they should be :( have to cut down on chocolates.

  2. I usually put on a little weight during winter (for me winter is between Nov. and the end of March) and lose it during summer because then I'm more thirsty and less hungry. This year this didn't happen. Considering I am normally a bit overweight anyway, I simply must exercise more self control.

  3. Then again, perhaps the extra weight would make for good winter insulation. . . just sayin'.

    1. No, sorry, this extra weight has to go! The sooner, the better. I'm already working on it.

  4. I am with you on that one! But once you back back to the business of exercising and eating properly the weight will come off. So you can put it on again next summer :D

  5. Oops, I had an ice-cream today, but otherwise I behaved. I expect my scales to have nice things to say in about a week.


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