Sunday, July 29, 2012


Jake has suggested "Road" as the theme for this week's Sunday post.

I am partial to the tree-lined variety.
Road through the spa town of Caldelas, near Braga, northern Portugal
I also like roads that have lots of interesting things to see on either side.
Samora Machel Avenue, running all the way through the city of Harare, Zimbabwe (Jameson Avenue)

The road between S. B. Messines and Algoz in the Algarve is very boring in comparison.

When I arrived seven years ago people were already complaining about it. I later found out why - it wasn't very wide, lacked markings and good lighting but had loads of pot-holes. In the rainy, winter months it was hell to navigate!

Like every normal person, I love roads to be safe and well-paved.

Each time elections came, whether it be national or local elections, politicians always promised to fix this particular road but nothing happened. It seemed nothing would ever change. There were protests by the local population and more promises from the politicians and again nothing happened. It went on and on and on.

Last year when I read that they were actually going to do something about it, I thought, "Yeah, right, I'll believe it when I see it."

And I finally saw it today! It still needs markings and pavements and good lighting, etc. but it has a new tarmac!

Lots of people who live in Messines and work in Albufeira can finally give a sigh of relief. 

Jake's comments' section, has lots more interesting takes on this week's theme, but I would also like to suggest you take a look at the magnificent photos of a road on a blog I follow, Zimbabwe Absurdity.

Also on my blog: Flamboyant tree-lined streets in Harare


  1. Excellent work ,thanks for sharing those stunning photograph Mara I love all of it :)

  2. Pleasing pictures and interesting write-ups! Thanks.


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